How it works

"A digital horse auction as close to live as possible" was the mission when Menhammar OnlineSales was created. The intrusion of the Corona pandemic in 2020 changed the world in many ways and horse auctions were not exempt. Digital auctions have been around for years, but in this particular situation we wanted to do something new, better and more fun - that's when the idea of Menhammar OnlineSales was born. A service that will hopefully benefit the entire horse industry and in the long run increase and broaden the interest in horse auctions.

Web TV broadcast
All auctions end in a live web TV broadcast on the Menhammar OnlineSales website. There, the horses will be sold in auction number order under the guidance of an auctioneer. Some auctions may combine a physical auction with the digital webcast auction. Please note that it is always the digital auction site that closes the bidding and decides who has the highest bid.

Becoming a bidder
Bidding on our website should be smooth and, like a regular auction, associated with a certain amount of nervousness and excitement. It is important that you create an account in good time before the auction to be ready to place your bids when the auction starts. If you have previously participated in any of the Menhammar OnlineSales auctions, your account details are saved. However, you must always 1) check that your contact details are correct and 2) accept the auction conditions for the current auction. We also recommend that you change your password before each auction. If you still want to be able to log in using BankID, you should add your Swedish social security number to your contact information on "My page". After that, you can next time log in with BankID or your password.

Create a new account
You create a new account on the auction site, by clicking on the link under the Login button.
1. Enter your e-mail address and click on the Register button. You will receive an email with instructions and a link to create a password.
2. Then log in to the auction site with your new password. You will be taken to "My page" and there you should fill in your contact details. Please note that some fields are mandatory. Swedish customers with a Swedish social security number and BankID fill in their social security number. Finish by confirming that the information filled in is correct.
3. After your registration, you who have BankID log in with this service again and thus confirm your identity. If you do not have BankID, you will receive an e-mail with information on identification using the Scrive function. The signing is linked to a contract between the seller and the buyer. Please note that each new auction has separate auction conditions that you must accept before each auction. If you have already carried out an identification check at previous Menhammar OnlineSales auctions, you only need to accept the current auction terms and conditions which can be found on "My page".
4. After identification and after you have accepted the auction terms and conditions for the current auction, you will be able to use your account to bid on the auction. Your password is now linked to your identification and your acceptance of the auction agreement when bidding. Make sure that you use a sufficiently secure password and do not share it with others.

Bidding on a horse
The auction opens for bidding usually a few days before the final web-TV broadcast. As a registered and approved bidder you are ready to bid on the items. All bids are made anonymously, but all bids made can be followed under Bid History. If you are the first person to place a bid on a horse, you will become "Bidder 1", but only for that horse. If you are the seventh person to place a bid on another horse, you will become "Bidder 7" on that horse. The first time you place a bid, you must confirm the bid by pressing two more buttons. After that you bid by simply clicking "Place bid". After each winning bid, the buyer becomes official within seconds and is presented on the auction page. Auction items are sold one at a time with a clear closing procedure. The auctioneer waits for the bids to stop and instead of counting up "first, second, third" and then hitting the gavel, the system will start a countdown clock that counts down 15 seconds. If there is a new bid within those 15 seconds, the countdown will automatically restart from 15 and continue to do so until no new bids are received during the countdown. The highest bidder when the countdown ends and the digital gavel falls has won the bidding. Please note that there may be a delay of a few seconds in the live TV broadcast, which is why the clock on the auction site is used.

Bidding interval
The auction price is presented under each horse page and there is also information about the current Bidding interval. You can increase the bid by several intervals if you click several times before accepting your bid. However, the maximum increase is always 10 bidding intervals per bidding occasion. You cannot outbid yourself.

Pre-auction inspection of the auction horses
Our ambition is to be able to provide all the necessary information about the horses on the auction site. If you wish to inspect horses at Menhammar Stuteri, please contact and book a visit before the auction, either via Daniel Olsson, mobile 070-584 50 80 or Massimo Vassallo (Annemanna), mobile 076-496 71 98. All horses will be shown on Sunday, June 30 at Menhammar Stuteri, Ekerö at 10-15. Welcome to the show!

This is how it works.