#1 Sundbo Smaragd

Winning bid: 17 000 kr

Congratulations to Giggling AB!

Bidding interval

  • 2 000 kr between 15 000 kr - 25 000 kr
  • 5 000 kr between 25 000 kr - 100 000 kr
  • 10 000 kr between 100 000 kr - 250 000 kr
  • 25 000 kr from 250 000 kr and upwards
The horse's side

#1 Sundbo Smaragd

Sundbo Smaragd is in foal to Tekno Jerven

Järvsöfaks and his defeater in the pedigree!

Sundbo Smaragd has Järvsöfaks as sire and Smulan K. as grand dam. The latter is the mother of Rolex K. who won the Svenskt Kallblodsderby where he defeated Järvsöfaks in a classic duel!

Sundbo Smaragd is a sibling to six horses with a record of 1.28.5 or better. Grand dam Smulan K. has been somewhat unique in breeding: her offspring have won 104 victories and earned 6.8 million SEK! Among these are the millionaires Rolex K. (who won the Svenskt Kriterium and the Derby in the same generation as a certain Järvsöfaks!), the winner of the Svenskt Mästerskap; Pålex K. and Truls K. Other millionaires from the same branch of the family tree are Vestpol Gladiator and Bodbäckssiv.


Sex: Sto
Reg. no: 10-0255
Born: 2010-06-01
Height withers/croup:154
Sire: Järvsöfaks
Breeding index: 112
Dam: Certina K.
Inbreeding coeff.: 9.94%
Grand sire: Troll Jahn
Breeder: Sundbo El AB & Goude Tord
Colour: Dark brown
Seller: Menhammar Stuteri AB
Location: Menhammar Stud
Bet.date: 2022-05-31
Foal fee:14 000 SEK + VAT
Pregnant with: Tekno Jerven
Category: Broodmare

Bidding history

Bidder 2november 20, 2022 20:0417 000 kr
Bidder 1november 20, 2022 20:0415 000 kr