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About Menhammar OnlineSales

Menhammar Stuteri together with Annemanna and TR Media have developed this auction site in order to improve and make it easier for breeders to sell their horses online via the internet. The reason we initiated this venture is the Covid-19 pandemic.

TR Media together with Menhammar and subcontractor are responsible for developing both the new bidding format and a digital studio adapted for horse auctions.

Photos and movies: Emine Lundsten, Menhammar Stuteri and Thomas Blomqvist, TR Media.

For more information on the auction format and its development, contact:
Johan Hellander, stud manager Menhammar Stuteri AB, +46-70-7720524
Petri Johansson, Business Area Manager TR Media AB, +46-720-769022

Menhammar Stuteri AB, org. no. 556283-7491, Box 17120, 104 62 Stockholm, Sweden.